Volume I DVD set: Episodes 1 - 10

Volume II DVD set: Episodes 11-20

Ever wonder if other families are going through the same things yours is? Join the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia as they step into the homes of Catholic families around the country for a closer look at the domestic church at work. As they share their personal joys, struggles, and sorrows, they reveal how "Praying as a Family" has helped put Christ at the center of their lives, and strengthened them and their Catholic faith.  Each episode, produced by the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia and EWTN, is 30 minutes in length. 

Volume I DVD set: Episodes 1 - 10

  • The Love That Binds
  • Love Serves
  • Why Pray?
  • Parents Impact
  • Family Culture
  • Vocations and God’s Will
  • Trust and the Lord’s Presence
  • Surrender and Acceptance
  • The Mystery of Suffering
  • How We Met and Stayed Together


Volume II DVD set: Episodes 11 - 20

  • Creating Sacred Spaces
  • The Family Meal
  • Conscience and Hard Times
  • Spirit of Love
  • Grace and Freedom
  • Walking by Faith
  • Self-Mastery and Grace
  • Weak Enough to Lead
  • Sorrow and Hope
  • Forgiveness


Each volume contains 4 discs/5 hours. (closed captions) 

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