Today more than ever, there is a need  for the truth to be known, especially the truth about the dignity of the human person. We need the light of that truth to shine into the murky waters of moral confusion. Harsh and noisy voices in our society cry out proclaiming a woman's "so-called right" to destroy the life within her womb. They demand scientific experimentation that threatens human dignity. They demean human sexuality and marriage. They threaten the weakest and most vulnerable members of our human family. In these all-important battles of our day, victory will not go to the loudest; victory will always be on the side of Truth. (From the Prologue)

Written by one of our sisters, this high school textbook is designed to introduce the student to a Thomistic philosophical understanding of the human person. Arranged in an easy-to-read style with questions to check (or guide) the reader, the text brings college-level philosophical content down to the high school level. The relevancy of the subject matter is highlighted in the “Cases in Point” which apply the content to modern day situations. The second half of the text investigates the nature of human love and the appropriate expression of love through the body’s sexual acts in marriage. Using Pope John Paul II’s insights in Love and Responsibility, these final chapters present the philosophical basis of his Theology of the Body. (234 pages, softbound only)

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