It was not you who chose me, but I who chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit that will remain. (John 15:16)

The journey to the convent and perseverance in Christ’s call to be his Spouse is a grace-filled experience. While each young woman’s story is unique, there are common elements in their desire to give their lives to Christ and his Church. The following stories, written by our sisters, describe God’s work in their lives as He revealed his Divine Plan and as they responded to his call.

Sister Susanna, OP: Facing the Future Together

Sister Delia Grace, OP: Receive the Honor of His Love

Sister Paulina, OP: God's Providence

Sister Mary Lawrence, OP: To the Heights

Sister Mary Gianna, OP: The Desires of My Heart

Sister Maris Stella, OP: In Search of Something More

Sister Theresa Anne, OP: Once Upon Eternity

Sister Mary Bethany, OP: From Convert to Convent

Sister Emma, OP: Ordinary Question, Extraordinary Answer

Sister Lucia Marie, OP: Laying Siege to Nashville

Sister Grace Mary, OP: Led by Our Lady

Sister John Agnes, OP: Discernment and a Perpetual “Yes”

Sister Mary Martha, OP: Giving My Life and Getting It Back—With Interest

Sister Maria Karol, OP: Bearing Fruit

Sister Anne Catherine, OP: Beginning the Great Adventure

Sister Anna Laura, OP: Not Without a Sense of Humor

Sister Mary Bernard, OP: Following Him with Courage and Fidelity

Sister Marie Vianney, OP: Espoused to the Most Perfectly Beautiful

Twice Sisters

The Clarke Family

Sister Beatrice, OP: A Sister's Story

Sister John Peter, OP: A Sister's Story

Brother Paul, OP: A Brother's Story


Whatever your dream of your future is, it cannot equal his dream of you. All your hopes, so wild, romantic, extravagant, are nothing as romantic, or as splendid as God’s designs for you. Lay your own aside… Leave yourself in the divine hands. Listen for his voice with humility, promptness and courage. (Fr. Bede Jarrett, OP)