The sisters made a community pilgrimage in the Jubilee Year of 2000 to Spain, France, and Italy, tracing their history and heritage. This CD is a part of the musical legacy of St. Dominic, who sang for joy as he walked in preaching journeys across Europe, and of our musical namesake, St. Cecilia, the early Christian martyr whose constant song to the Lord in her heart has given her the title of Patroness of Music. Songs include:

  • Dominic
  • Ave Maria
  • From Him I Draw Life
  • Behold the Heritage
  • Gabriel's Message
  • We Know His Voice
  • We Shall See His Face
  • Living Waters
  • Heart of Mercy
  • As the Father Loves Me
  • Like a Lamb
  • Sweet Jesus, Jesus Love
  • Sacred Banquet
  • A Soul in Loving Freedom
  • Icon of Mercy
  • A Dominican Blessing

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