Behold the heritage I leave to you... (Last Will and Testament of St. Dominic)

As Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia, we treasure the heritage that has been passed on to us since our foundation in 1860. Each sister has contributed to the holiness and apostolic works of the Congregation throughout its history. Here we highlight a few of these sisters. In the early years of our history, Mother Frances Walsh and Mother Ann Hanlon were leaders who set out in service of the Order and the Church as they worked to establish the Congregation before, during, and after the Civil War. Sisters who pioneered our educational foundations include Mother Scholastica Breen and Mother Joan of Arc Mayo. In the years after the Second Vatican Council, our community was steadfast in always living in the heart of the church, led by the words and actions of Mother Marie William MacGregor.

When we read what was done by those who went before us… under hardships that we can barely imagine, we cannot help but feel determined to imitate them as best we can. We may not be able to accomplish the tasks they did, nevertheless, we can at least resolve to guard jealously the rich inheritance bequeathed by them to us, and to work zealously to carry on what they so well began. (Bishop Alphonse J. Smith, Bishop of Nashville, May 8, 1935)