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More Latino families finding a home in Catholic schools

A wave of demographic change is sweeping through the Catholic Church in the United States. According to projections, in 20 years, half of American Catholics will be Hispanic. The Diocese of Nashville, like many dioceses, is already seeing this wave rolling toward middle Tennessee...

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Nashville Dominicans Establish Irving Convent, Teach at UD

When classes began on Aug. 24, UD students were greeted by a different combination of white and black on the mall: the white and black of the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia, a religious congregation more commonly known as the Nashville Dominicans. The Cistercian fathers, the Dominican fathers and the diocesan priests have contributed much to the academic and spiritual life on the campus for many years, but the presence of women religious, so prominent in UD’s early days, has been lacking in recent times.

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Nashville nuns settle in to new posting in Limerick

BEHIND a typical blue door on Glentworth Street, four young women are living out their faith in a most radical way.

Limerick’s new Dominican nuns, who are all aged in their early to mid-thirties, arrived in the city last month from Nashville, Tennessee, to keep St Saviour’s Church — and the 800-year-old Dominican presence in Limerick — alive.

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Desire and Wonder: Essential Elements in Catechesis

One Advent, I was captivated by the phrase “Desire of Nations” in the “O Antiphons,” particularly the word “desire.” When I checked the etymology of the word “desire,” I was intrigued to know that it is derived from the Latin de sidere, that is, “from the stars.” Desire, then, is similar to the light falling from the stars; we can see the starlight but we cannot possess these ephemeral rays.

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The Face of the Father’s Mercy

By the time you read this, we will be celebrating an extraordinary moment in an already extraordinary year. This first Sunday after Easter, April 4, 2016, the Church celebrates Divine Mercy Sunday during the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy. The origin of this feast, devoted to God’s Mercy shining forth in Jesus Christ, is quite recent. It all began with a young girl.

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